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Veracon - The simplest and safest Facebook Auto Liker

NEWS 9/7/17: Our Autoliker is working fine now! Limit has been increased to 50 per submit.
NEWS: A video tutorial on how to use our autoliker is out! Check it here and the text tutorial here.

Veracon is a Facebook Auto Liker website. Veracon helps you to increase likes on facebook instantly with no hidden costs. You can get auto likes and auto reactions on your Facebook status, photos, comments, albums, page posts. We DO NOT store your credentials. They are use them to generate a token which is used to verify your facebook account. We have managed to find a way from which your account won't be locked by using our autoliker. First time users are advised to read our Privacy Policy, Terms and check out our tutorial on how to use Veracon Auto Liker.

Instant Likes

Likes are delivered instantly. You DONT have to do any survey or wait 90 years to get them.

Absolutely Free

We are very transparent about this. You get the likes for free without ant hidden costs.

Safe & Secure

We dont spam your accounts. Neither do we save your credentials.

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Facebook is here to stay and if you want to have a small business you cannot ignore it. People are spending more and more time on it. Mobile data users are spending about 75% of their browsing time on facebook. Websites now allow you to sign in using their facebook connect option, just further adding to the level of involvement facebook has with so many people now. It is not going away, so if you want to be taken as a serious business, you need to get serious with facebook.

People can find your site online and they can also find your facebook page. More and more people are going to facebook as a sort of “check” to see how legit your business is. If you have a fanpage/business page that’s pretty simple, and you have 10 “likes” then the average person isn’t going to take you seriously or think you’re an amateur. So how do you overcome this?

GET A DESIGN: Pay to have a nice landing page done. Make sure that people who land on your page see a slick landing page talking about your business and hinting that if they like it; you’ll find out even more. This is called a reveal option, where one page is a teaser page and the second is only shown once you like the page. This means that now a person has liked your page, so when you send updates, it appears in their feed and reminds them of your business. This is how you communicate specials, sales, discounts, etc. Remember, this is a mini website of your business. I also think it can be more important than your main website!

GET A TON OF FOLLOWERS: No one wants to follow a page that has only a few fans. Make the investment and buy some! This will give you the social proof your site needs. What this means is that others like the business so it must be good, and it gives you a bunch of potential clients very fast. The more likes you have the higher publicity boost you’ll have. When people search terms and your site comes up, they can see how many people like it, and the more the better. It’s really about gaining that critical mass and showing social approval.

When someone clicks your page and likes it, that also flows out to their feed to all their friends. So 1,000 people like your page, and if each of them has a 100 friends then multiply that and you get 100,000 people that could see your page.

Now why buy likes when you can get them for free?! Use Veracon and get likes for free!