Dover: Preston Elliott Sentenced for Fentanyl Trafficking

Dover: Preston Elliott Sentenced for Fentanyl Trafficking

Dover Male, Preston Elliott Sentenced to 60 Months for Fentanyl Trafficking

CONCORD (STL.News) Preston Elliott, 25, of Dover, was sentenced to 60 months in government jail for ownership of fentanyl with intent to disperse, USA Lawyer Scott W. Murray revealed.

According to court files and also declarations made in court, on December 6, 2019, a New Hampshire State Authorities cannon fodder carried out an automobile drop in North Hampton. Along with the chauffeur, Elliott was the single guest in the rear seats of the lorry. After the chauffeur granted a search of the lorry, the cannon fodder located over 503 grams of fentanyl in a bag at Elliott’s feet. Elliott likewise had $1,065 in money.

Elliott formerly begged guilty on November 19, 2020.

“Fentanyl traffickers are threatening our neighborhood by dispersing a poisonous material that can take the life of anybody that utilizes it'” stated UNITED STATE Lawyer Murray. “If the offender had actually succeeded in his initiatives to disperse over 500 grams of fentanyl, the repercussions might have been heartbreaking. Many thanks to the outstanding job of the New Hampshire State Authorities and also the DEA, a considerable quantity of fentanyl was eliminated from the roads and also substantial medication trafficker is currently behind bars.”

“Fentanyl is creating fatalities in document numbers and also DEA’s leading concern is to strongly seek anybody that disperses this toxin,” stated DEA Unique Representative accountable Brian D.

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